Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bouncing Back

Nothing keeps Kynnedy down for very long!
Case in point:
  • She woke up Tuesday morning with a 101.2 degree fever :(
  • She was shaking, said she was cold, and repeated "my tummy hurts". :(
  • She threw up twice (luckily on the wood laminate flooring), to which she responded "Mommy. I burped." :(
  • She took 3 naps between watching every Disney movie we own. ( And if you're wondering, Frozen is still the favorite. No contest. )
  • Although Mommy LOVED LOVED LOVED all the extra snuggles, joy was found when Kynnedy's crib sheet and pajamas needed changed because she was drenched in sweat when her fever broke at 8 p.m. that night.
  • So this "bug" lasted a mere 12 hours and Kynnedy returned to her happy self and daily activities.
The progression of her stomach virus looked like this:
Pig, Barnesy Bear, and blanket were crucial to her recovery.

Post-illness, her daily activities look like this:
Swimming Lessons- Kynnedy anxiously anticipates going to swimming lessons each and every week.  We don't have the heart to tell they are over!
She loves singing the songs, going under the water, falling and jumping in from the pool's ledge, and floating on her back.  These videos were captured on her last day.  Daddy was able to come and watch!  You noticed her excitement that he was there because she looked towards him after every trick she did :)
(Sadly, the videos were too large to add to the blog :( So you only get to view 1/4.)

Playing Games- Daddy and Kynnedy sure love to create new games.  Here's the latest...

"Be cozy."- And her new favorite activity is to "be cozy".  She'll say this phrase, bring you her blanket to cover up with, and lie down anywhere.  It's pretty adorable :)

 Playing in Water- Whether it's at swim lessons, in the city pool, or in her backyard, Kynnedy can be found playing in the water almost daily!

Dressing Up- Kynnedy is not modest as she dons a dress, her "pretty necklace", a new pair of shoes, and puts her hair in pigtails and barrettes. She'll happily tell you "I'm so cute!"
So as you can see, this fun-loving 23 month old's spirits can't be squandered for very long.  Kynnedy is too full of life!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spoiled. Spoiled. Spoiled.

So what happens when Mommy and Daddy return from a week of vacation without Kynnedy?!
Answer: Kynnedy gets spoiled rotten (And Mommy goes a little picture CrAzY.  Seriously, there is a record number of pictures taken in one week.).

She gets taken to the pool several times with BOTH Mommy and Daddy:

She made new discoveries about animals, water, mowing, firetrucks, trains, boats, and water at the Children's Museum.  This was also where she met and had a dance party with a princess and has been infatuated ever since; showing her picture to EVERYONE and talking about being a princess a lot.
"Sou-EEE pig"
 "Umm. He's not moving?!"
 She was incredibly fast and skillful at dodging people while mowing the "grass".
 Great balance.
 Snack time!
 So sadly tried to steal a peek at the train, because Mommy is too cheap to pay for her to ride!
 She was a little unsure about hugging the Princess, but touching her pretty dress and gloves was fun!
 At the Princess's dance party, they played "Let it Go" and Kynnedy was mystified that there was no TV playing the movie.  The falling snow was also very mysterious!
 "Toot Toot" goes the tug-boat.
 "Mommy. Touch it!"  She loves loves loves to play in water.

Kynnedy also made a few trips to the zoo where she road her stroller a fun new way, got to feed the Budgies, and was finally granted permission to play in the spray fountain!

Kynnedy attended another outdoor concert where she danced with friends, rocked out with a new guitar, and oddly stood in front of other people and stared.

If you thought the pool, museum, zoo, and concert were enough...Think again!  Several walking trips were made to the park to play in the sand and see baby ducks. The trips were not complete without her water, snacks, sunglasses, and Scout (of course)!
Mommy demonstrating how to build with her toys:
"You want me to do what with this?"
 Riding off into the sun with her trusty crocodile!

Now you may be asking yourself, is that it?!
Answer: NOPE!

Kynnedy was taken out to breakfast where she did not have to share a gluten free cinnamon roll with Mommy!  She got her very own!!!
Here she is eating the frosting with her fingers:
 "Oooo. Good!"
 "Mmm. Delicious!"
Another morning she was allowed to eat her breakfast outside!

Lastly, Kynnedy enjoyed attending several birthday parties.  One had a bounce house!!
The progression of these three pictures is comical:

And before we say "good-night" we'll end with a video that should be played over and over and over again, because it is contagious!
And here is another video of Kynnedy laughing at herself while watching the previous video!

FINALLY it's time to say "Good-Night".  
Kynnedy was completely worn out after being spoiled each and every day this week!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome Home

There is no greater feeling than a parent walking into their child's room to greet them in the morning after being gone for a week and having them jump to their feet, try to scale the crib wall, all the while having a huge grin on their face.  
Ahhh...Welcome Home from Mexico Mommy and Daddy!

Despite her elation upon seeing us, Kynnedy thoroughly enjoyed her time with Grandma and Colonel.  She quickly noticed their absence when they left during her nap time.  She also missed Lilly dog :(  But who can blame her for being a little sad by their departure when they had this much fun...
(by the way, Grandma went picture crazy)

Kynnedy got to watch Frozen... A LOT!!!  Here are the many faces that she makes during the movie: 
The beginning when the men are breaking the ice makes her a little nervous:
 Pretty sure Anna just got struck in the head by Elsa:
 Hans wouldn't kiss Anna:
 Olaf is here to save the day:
 Anna just punched the "bad guy" (Hans):

They also bought Kynnedy a new pool in which she played in every single day:
 "Too cold."
 "Don't let the little fountains get me!"
 Got her in the face:

Colonel and Kynnedy were often found on the deck in the morning discussing life:

 "Here. I'll help you with your oxygen hose Colonel!"

On the 4th of July, Kynnedy was given a new outfit and taught to sing the Star Spangled Banner:

Kynnedy was also allowed to play outside during all types of weather:
"Last one to the rain puddle is a rotten egg!"

 Chillin in the sun, working on her tan on the park's saucer swing:
 "I'm pretty awesome going down the big slide by myself."
 Cooler weather...Just put on some longer sleeves and let's get swinging!
 Hot as all get out? Let's just swing in the shade!

Snacks were given in excess:
At least this one is healthy :)
 Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream was eaten in large quantities!
 "Mmm. Delicious!"
 Sharing with friends:

Grandma and Colonel wore her out each and every day to keep her mind off of Mommy and Daddy being in Mexico!  They did an excellent job:

Although we were hesitant to leave Kynnedy for an entire week, it was made much easier with Grandma and Colonel staying with her in our own home, and by Skyping with Kynnedy every day!  
Before we sign off for this week, here are a few of MANY vacation photos: