Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smart A$$

That's right.  Mommy and Daddy just called me a "Smart Ass".

~Case in Point~
Kynnedy: "NO!" or "Stop it right NOW!"
Mommy or Daddy: "Kynnedy those are not nice words." or "Please fix your voice."
Kynnedy: changes her tone to a very high-pitch, sing songy voice and repeats over and over and over "No No No No No No No!" or "Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it."

Smart Ass:

However, we can't help but laugh each and every day with our tiny SA.




Resourceful: (it's raining)

Exasperating: (She just sneezed all over Daddy's breakfast.)
(Didn't phase her.)

Party Animal:


And of course,

Can you believe that this quirky, silly, resourceful, exasperating, sweet, and adorable Smart Ass will turn two next Sunday?!?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bound To Happen

We hear the horror stories of how destructive children can be. Inwardly we cringe while listening to such stories.  Then those stories become a reality, and we desperately try to keep our calm while channeling every ounce of patience in our bodies.
What you see dear blog fans is crayon all over the refrigerator.  What's worse is Mommy was standing a mere 2 feet away and didn't realize just what was taking place.  It was further discovered that the tile floor, walls, and table top were also decorated.  Sadly, Kynnedy thought she was making a beautiful piece of art.  However, upon looking at Mommy's face and hearing the tone in her voice, Kynnedy came to the realization the she was hugely mistaken.  Time out was instantaneous and necessary for Mommy to muster the strength to keep her composure, and Kynnedy was less than impressed with her artwork after being forced to attempt cleaning it off.  Needless to say, all modes of creating any future pieces of art were put on a high shelf only to be stared at by a pair of longing, beautiful, baby blue eyes.

Later that week, Mommy was also given another emotional shock, when her summer vacation came to an end.  She knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any easier to leave the previously mentioned baby blue eyes to go back to work.  Daddy did his best to ward off feelings of sadness with a favorite but rare breakfast:
P.S. If you've never tried peanut butter on your pancakes or waffles, you're missing out!

The few days leading up to Mommy returning to work, she did her best to soak up as much "Kynnedy-time" as possible.  First was a trip to the zoo.  There are enough pictures of Kynnedy with animals:
So instead, Mommy sat Kynnedy on as many animal statues as Kynnedy would allow:
 When you look at this next photo, imagine Kynnedy being shocked after someone calls her a "moth" :)
 "Mommy, I'm nervous."  She was not impressed with the rhino statue:
 "Mommy, I ride turtle."

That last day of Mommy's vacation was spent drinking coffee (Mommy was), playing at the park, and going out to lunch with friends:

In life, horrific events are bound to happen.  In our life, we are grateful and praise God that in the grand scheme of things, our horror stories are actually pretty mild.  The next major life event that was bound to happen and that Mommy and Daddy wish they could stop time for is Kynnedy's 2nd birthday.  Here is a glimpse of her recent photo shoot:

Wish us luck as we potentially enter the horrors of what is coined "the terrible twos".  
It's bound to happen :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014


This week was full of new explorations for Kynnedy, and Mommy was along for the ride!
 Ready, Set, EXPLORE!

1. She explored the boundaries with the use of the following phrases:
  • Stop it
  • Stop it right now.
  • I don't want to.
  • No.
Now reread those phrases, but this time use a small child's voice and say it with an authoritative tone like you would if you were telling your own child those words.  That's Kynnedy.  Our future looks a little rocky :)

2. Kynnedy also got to explore the zoo from unseen vantage points for "Membership Appreciation Day".
Looking down into the aquarium from the "attic"! She really wanted to jump into the spider crabs' pool. YIKES!
 She met a clown with an ornery and hilarious pet frog :)
 She enjoyed the splash pad (rare occasion as Mommy doesn't like walking around with a soaked toddler)
 The giraffes were up close and personal from the top of their house!
 Kynnedy has been dying to get her hands on any sort of balloon, and she received her first balloon animal from a woman on stilts.  She was in awe :) 5 minutes later she explored what would happen if she bit the balloon resulting in a bottom lip quiver and an "I'm all done."
And the greatest "membership appreciation day" perk, was tickets to ride the train! It was like a new revelation that she was able to actually ride the train at the zoo and not just watch and wave :)  It was amazing to watch her face light up!

3. Mommy and Kynnedy were able to explore what it would be like to be a single mom with a 4 year old and twin 23 month old girls :)
Our journey to the park... Whew!

4. Kynnedy explored the world of sand volleyball as we watched Daddy play on a league.  She was just too cute throwing and kicking the ball while dancing to the music on the speaker system :)

5.  And last but not least, we explored what it would be like to add an infant to the family.  Our previous explorations with this were an epic fail, as Kynnedy acted as though Mommy ripped her heart right out of her chest when she held another baby.  However, this time it was different!  Kynnedy kept an eye on Mommy and new baby cousin Cooper as she played on the swing set, but she allowed it :)
And at first, Kynnedy wanted nothing to do with cousin Cooper.  She wouldn't touch him, kiss him, or take a picture with him.  She just kept saying "No thank you" to all attempts of interaction.  However, right before our visit came to an end, she decided she better hold him.  Her reaction was priceless...

Thanks for following our week full of new explorations!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bouncing Back

Nothing keeps Kynnedy down for very long!
Case in point:
  • She woke up Tuesday morning with a 101.2 degree fever :(
  • She was shaking, said she was cold, and repeated "my tummy hurts". :(
  • She threw up twice (luckily on the wood laminate flooring), to which she responded "Mommy. I burped." :(
  • She took 3 naps between watching every Disney movie we own. ( And if you're wondering, Frozen is still the favorite. No contest. )
  • Although Mommy LOVED LOVED LOVED all the extra snuggles, joy was found when Kynnedy's crib sheet and pajamas needed changed because she was drenched in sweat when her fever broke at 8 p.m. that night.
  • So this "bug" lasted a mere 12 hours and Kynnedy returned to her happy self and daily activities.
The progression of her stomach virus looked like this:
Pig, Barnesy Bear, and blanket were crucial to her recovery.

Post-illness, her daily activities look like this:
Swimming Lessons- Kynnedy anxiously anticipates going to swimming lessons each and every week.  We don't have the heart to tell they are over!
She loves singing the songs, going under the water, falling and jumping in from the pool's ledge, and floating on her back.  These videos were captured on her last day.  Daddy was able to come and watch!  You noticed her excitement that he was there because she looked towards him after every trick she did :)
(Sadly, the videos were too large to add to the blog :( So you only get to view 1/4.)

Playing Games- Daddy and Kynnedy sure love to create new games.  Here's the latest...

"Be cozy."- And her new favorite activity is to "be cozy".  She'll say this phrase, bring you her blanket to cover up with, and lie down anywhere.  It's pretty adorable :)

 Playing in Water- Whether it's at swim lessons, in the city pool, or in her backyard, Kynnedy can be found playing in the water almost daily!

Dressing Up- Kynnedy is not modest as she dons a dress, her "pretty necklace", a new pair of shoes, and puts her hair in pigtails and barrettes. She'll happily tell you "I'm so cute!"
So as you can see, this fun-loving 23 month old's spirits can't be squandered for very long.  Kynnedy is too full of life!