Sunday, August 31, 2014


Kynnedy is ridiculously adorable,
and there are 3 pictures and 1 home video to prove it!

How stinkin' cute is she on her new bike while rockin' her new helmet!  
She thinks it's pretty fabulous!

 Not only is she ridiculously adorable but also ridiculously ridiculous.
Kynnedy insisted that Scout, Poodle Puppy, and Cinderella all make the weekend trip to Kansas with her!

Ummm... Yea! She's in LOVE with her new cowboy boots!
Mommy wishes she could pull off this look like Kynnedy does!
"Mommy, I'm cute!"

And finally, as many of you have seen, Kynnedy's reaction to completing the ALS ice bucket challenge was ridiculously hilarious and cute!

3 photos and 1 home video has proven that Kynnedy is ridiculously adorable!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

2 Years in the Making

Kynnedy's 2 years of life was celebrated with a GRAND party (the day before the BIG day):

Decorations were put up...
(Cupcake and Present Table with Digital Photo Frame)
 (Year's worth of photos displayed)
(Hung throughout the venue)

Fun was had...
(Outdoor Bouncy House; Kynnedy's face says it all!)
 (Cooling off at the water table)
 (Outdoor Jungle Gym)

Presents were opened...
(She's now a complete girly-girl with a sparkly poodle purse!)
 (Putting on baby doll diapers)
 (Cheesin' through a potty seat)
 (Reading a new book in a new life vest)
 (Cruisin' in a new buggy!)

Food was consumed...
(Gormet Hot Dog Bar!)
(Popcorn Machine was a hit!)

Happy Birthday was sung...
And cupcakes were enjoyed...

And on the BIG day...
More fun was to be had at The Amazing Pizza Machine:
(Kynnedy said multiple times "It's amazing!)
And one more BIG gift was given...
(Enjoying her new balance bike from Mommy and Daddy!)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smart A$$

That's right.  Mommy and Daddy just called me a "Smart Ass".

~Case in Point~
Kynnedy: "NO!" or "Stop it right NOW!"
Mommy or Daddy: "Kynnedy those are not nice words." or "Please fix your voice."
Kynnedy: changes her tone to a very high-pitch, sing songy voice and repeats over and over and over "No No No No No No No!" or "Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it."

Smart Ass:

However, we can't help but laugh each and every day with our tiny SA.




Resourceful: (it's raining)

Exasperating: (She just sneezed all over Daddy's breakfast.)
(Didn't phase her.)

Party Animal:


And of course,

Can you believe that this quirky, silly, resourceful, exasperating, sweet, and adorable Smart Ass will turn two next Sunday?!?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bound To Happen

We hear the horror stories of how destructive children can be. Inwardly we cringe while listening to such stories.  Then those stories become a reality, and we desperately try to keep our calm while channeling every ounce of patience in our bodies.
What you see dear blog fans is crayon all over the refrigerator.  What's worse is Mommy was standing a mere 2 feet away and didn't realize just what was taking place.  It was further discovered that the tile floor, walls, and table top were also decorated.  Sadly, Kynnedy thought she was making a beautiful piece of art.  However, upon looking at Mommy's face and hearing the tone in her voice, Kynnedy came to the realization the she was hugely mistaken.  Time out was instantaneous and necessary for Mommy to muster the strength to keep her composure, and Kynnedy was less than impressed with her artwork after being forced to attempt cleaning it off.  Needless to say, all modes of creating any future pieces of art were put on a high shelf only to be stared at by a pair of longing, beautiful, baby blue eyes.

Later that week, Mommy was also given another emotional shock, when her summer vacation came to an end.  She knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any easier to leave the previously mentioned baby blue eyes to go back to work.  Daddy did his best to ward off feelings of sadness with a favorite but rare breakfast:
P.S. If you've never tried peanut butter on your pancakes or waffles, you're missing out!

The few days leading up to Mommy returning to work, she did her best to soak up as much "Kynnedy-time" as possible.  First was a trip to the zoo.  There are enough pictures of Kynnedy with animals:
So instead, Mommy sat Kynnedy on as many animal statues as Kynnedy would allow:
 When you look at this next photo, imagine Kynnedy being shocked after someone calls her a "moth" :)
 "Mommy, I'm nervous."  She was not impressed with the rhino statue:
 "Mommy, I ride turtle."

That last day of Mommy's vacation was spent drinking coffee (Mommy was), playing at the park, and going out to lunch with friends:

In life, horrific events are bound to happen.  In our life, we are grateful and praise God that in the grand scheme of things, our horror stories are actually pretty mild.  The next major life event that was bound to happen and that Mommy and Daddy wish they could stop time for is Kynnedy's 2nd birthday.  Here is a glimpse of her recent photo shoot:

Wish us luck as we potentially enter the horrors of what is coined "the terrible twos".  
It's bound to happen :)