Sunday, April 13, 2014


As potty training is in the near future, Mom and Dad encourage and praise Kynnedy when she says "Poop."  Mom and Dad then say "We poop in the..." and Kynnedy fills in "bathroom."  The she runs down the hall to the bathroom, stands there for 2 seconds, and says "All done."  However, there is a time and a place when this is acceptable.  The bathtub is not one of those!!!  Yes, Kynnedy has officially christened the bathtub with a turd...GROSS!  Immediate evacuation was performed, toys were sanitized, tub was scrubbed, floor was mopped, and Kynnedy was given another bath.  A family friend said it the best, 
"Welcome to the club."

Now that poop has been discussed, let's talk of more flowery aromas!
Spring is FINALLY in full swing!
Wahoo!!!  Kynnedy has taken full advantage of the nice weather this week...

She is ready for the zoo with 

Now that we've had a close encounter with a butterfly, she is taking the liberty to do some research :)

She is beginning to be invited to birthday parties *tear* Baby Kynnedy is getting so big.
Best party ever!  At a bounce gym!  She was scared at first, but once she started going down those huge slides and bouncing in the bounce house, she couldn't be stopped
 She did stop for cake of course.
The cake was so delicious that it made her drool.

And more time was spent in the great outdoors:
 Mmm, first grilled hamburger of the year!
 First dinner on a restaurant patio for the year!
She's unsure if she likes the lemon...

And we will part with this beautiful picture:
However, Mom has decided no more ponytails after multiple comments that Kynnedy looked so "big" or "grown up" *tear*  Mom will do her best to keep her little forever :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Kynnedy has officially declared her independence from any and all assistance!
Unless she fails at the task at hand.
Then she'll gladly ask "Help please".
She boldly states:
"I do it."
"I got it."
Mom and Dad have to cue her to insert "please" in each of those assertions.

When Kynnedy isn't stating her autonomy, she is simply playing like all other children:
Jumping, Dancing, Swinging, Running, while Eating Fast and Sleeping Hard
In her own words "Go! Go! Go!"

Apples are delicious. Especially when you nibble off the skin, spit it out, and then eat the center!

Apparently Turkey Bologna is a favorite at daycare...Gross.

Breakfast of Champions: 
Plate full of pineapple, strawberries, and grapes followed by an entire full sized blueberry muffin! She would have eaten two had Mom not been "Debby Downer".

Dance party to the Frozen soundtrack!

"Go Bye-Bye?!" Kynnedy LOVES to go places.  This weekend she visited friends in Des Moines!

A new friend was made in Iowa:
I think Rowen is saying something very adamantly, and Kynnedy is in disbelief at what she is saying.

Friendship solidified on the playground:
If you follow the sequence of pictures, Rowen may have gotten tired of waiting on Kynnedy and gave her a little nudge.  Her look says it all :)

She made another new friend on the trip. She seemed to adore Sean!

And the weekend comes to a close with another stent on the playground!
Kynnedy will gladly accept assistance on the swing :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014



This is precisely what Kynnedy asks after getting dressed for the day, but most of the time she is really stating it like it's a fact.  To make it even more adorable, she cocks her head slightly, forms a huge grin, and makes her eyes sparkle (Yes, she can do that at will.  It's magical.)!

What isn't cute, is entering Kynnedy's room at 6:45am to an extremely rancid smell and discovering she has completely soiled herself with diarrhea.  There is so much of it that it has broken the outer seal of her diaper and filled her footed pajamas.  At this point there was no other choice but to stick her in the shower, clothes and all. The poor girl was traumatized at the break of dawn as she was sprayed down while slipping and crying to be held.  Mom and Dad wanted nothing more but to comfort her, but no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks were they about to pick up their poopy child!!!  Needless to say, Mom was forced to call into work, since this episode followed a previous puking episode earlier that morning. Mom and Dad repeated unconvincingly to themselves "I LOVE being a parent.  I LOVE being a parent. I LOVE being a parent."

So back to being cute...

She finds herself hilarious at times:
Waiting for Dad to get home from work:

Intrigued by the colorful images of The Little Mermaid for 10 minutes:


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moments Stolen

Last week's blog was all about stealing moments in time through pictures.
This week's theme is about all the moments that are stolen by time.
Here are a few that have not been captured:
  • Picture this - Kynnedy watching TV while on the couch, tummy down, both feet in the air, and her head supported by both hands.  A-dor-a-ble!
  • Mom stretching her cupped hands forward as Kynnedy vomits.  Mom then thinks "WHY oh WHY was that my reaction?!"  Answer - Maternal Instinct
  • Kynnedy's puzzled looks as Dad cusses, hits the coffee table, quickly stands up and paces while watching KU basketball.
  • Kynnedy's sweet sweet voice as she says "I love you"
  • Her giggles as she is being chased throughout the house and being tickled.
  • Her tantrums as she insists "I do it.  I do it.  I DO IT!" for all tasks.  As a result, everything takes 20 minutes longer than it used to.
You may ask, "Why are so many moments not captured?"
Answer - Every single time the camera comes out, Kynnedy instantaneously starts running saying "I see it! I see it!" It looks a little like this:

 Here are a few moments that time couldn't steal:
"Mmmm. Good to the last drop!"

"Ready Set Go!"

Made it all the way to the top on the wrong side of the stairs!

St. Patrick's Day: Green Eggs and Ham? And pancakes?! Yumm!
*Side Note: Green food coloring will turn poop grass green. Don't be alarmed!

Kynnedy and her new friend, Kermit the Frog, wish you a week full of moments which are NOT stolen by time.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stolen Time

As we all know... Time is precious.  This is noted by the following:

Mom has realized just how fast time went during this last week of her spring break.  She is already missing the extra time at home with Dad and Kynnedy.

This past weekend was spent in Kansas City with old friends, and despite having a 3-day weekend, it felt as though time was in fast forward and we are already making the trip home.

Thus, this blog is being written in the car via a mobile hotspot, because Kynnedy is asleep and strapped into a carseat, and Mom knows that if it doesn't get done now, it won't get done until Kynnedy is once again immobile and sleeping in her crib tonight.  At which time Mom and Dad have unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping to do. 

And sadly, our time with beloved Great Grandpa Jack has come to an end, making us once again realize that time can quickly be stolen away from us.  

So... Mom and Dad continue to take pictures and blog in hopes to somehow freeze moments with our family.  Please enjoy the following snippets of our frozen time:

Apparently peas are better frozen than cooked:

"Mom, do these boots go with my outfit?!"

The headband helps keep the hair out of Kynnedy's eyes while she dances to music blaring through her computer speakers :)

Kynnedy REALLY enjoyed playing at a kid's open gym.  She was a constant blur on the camera:

She jumped into this pit about 30 more times:

Being outdoors at the park is the best!

She LOVES LOVES LOVES to go "Bye-Bye!"

Kynnedy is just now getting into watching TV (for 30 seconds at a time).

As Mom and Dad know just how much they enjoy attempting to freeze time by continuing to take pictures and blog, they encourage everyone to find a way to not have time stolen from them...